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You Can Make Delicious, Healthy Meals at Home

With the abundance of fast food, it can be hard to eat healthy. If you want to ensure that your food has the most nutrients and flavor, it is worth sourcing your food from your own garden or at a farmer’s market – go here. On every page of From One Small Garden, you will find the next step in turning your food into something tasty and inviting. Over 300 recipes have been developed in the last 30 years. This book is delicious and easy to use.

Lillian Brummet and Dave Brummet are award-winning authors. While living in the Okanagan, they began to experiment and compile recipes into this book. The manuscript traveled along with them to the Boundary, where they lived 12 years. Finally, the manuscript was moved to their permanent home at the Kootenays. The Brummets continued to refine the recipes as they traveled, ensuring that the collection was complete.

They tried different diets for a few years. After a while they went vegan, they finally settled on a healthy diet that included some animal protein, as well as a large variety of fruits and vegetables. They managed a spa on a mountaintop that had 3 acres of vegetable garden. The couple also hosted larger hand-drumming events, which included snacks and meals at breaktime.

This collection contains over 100 recipes that will help you make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables, from farmer’s markets to your own backyard. It will teach you how to prepare delicious and healthy meals from fresh vegetables and fruits grown locally. No matter whether you buy fresh produce at the farmer’s markets or in your own garden, you are guaranteed to get the finest and most nutritious ingredients.

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