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Would You Like to Run a Five Second Test on Your Pay Now, Buy Here Website?

A 5 second test would be great. It is the purpose of this post to evaluate your BHPH website (or landing-page) in order to determine what people think. Many of the answers you can get from numbers or statistics are available on web sites, read here. The real world can offer some interesting answers. Your web visitors will want to know how to get to your website. Test the site out with real visitors to get immediate, real time feedback.

It is better to choose volunteers who have not visited your website. Close their eyes as you ask them sit down at your computer. Go to your main page. Open their eyes and ask them which button is the most significant to them. Time them and find out how fast they can locate the button you’re searching for.

A question to consider is, do your visitors go the exact same location on your site as you desire? You should feel good if you see your website visitors clicking to new pages. If they are going to where you want, then you will be able to sell them the car.

When they are on your page for longer than 5 seconds without you watching, most of them will abandon it. Have a new look at the website. What changes do you have to make to help that visitor get to your desired location in less than 5 seconds. It’s tough. This is a big mistake.

This is a good number. The poll was not designed to be scientific but was meant as an eye-opener. Please try it. I believe the results will surprise you and provide valuable information.

Charles Pompey has owned since 1996 and Car-Lotta Credit for over a decade.…Comprehensive Web Sites and Internet Merchandising ONLY for Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Charley provides BHPH website design and development, PPC management, advertising consulting and speaks at 20 different dealer groups. She is also available to speak and consult for individuals. increases your sales and credit requests from the website you have created in 30 days.

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