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What are the benefits of traveling to a distant location for drug treatment?

Every day thousands of men & women board a plane to fly far away in order check in at a residential drug rehab or alcohol center. To address the life-destroying malady that currently exists in their world, these people literally leave everything behind. Then why? Why would they leave the children at grandma’s place for 60 to 90 days while flying 3,000 miles far away for treatment. Why would they do that and take a semester of school off – learn more? Why would anyone take time off work for a long-term medical condition to undertake such an adventure?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are the most severe human diseases. The disease or condition that you call it affects both the patient and his family holistically, including physically, emotionally, psychologically, as well as spiritually. The impact of this disease is so wide-ranging.

For a true resolution of each of the components that drive one’s alcoholism/addiction, complete separation is necessary. For example, if a person wants to save everything important in their life (such as his or her spouse, child, family, and friends), they must stop all activities while undergoing residential treatment. A common phrase in addiction & alcoholicism treatment is “Whatever comes before recovery will lead to loss.” It is true that your recovery should come before the needs of your children, spouse, or livelihood. This is not the case for the true addict or alcoholic.

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