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Wedding Photography For Beginners

Weddings certainly are a once in a lifetime (hopefully!) occasion, and a day that the wedding couple will treasure permanently. Wedding photos play most of this, however this may also put a countless number of pressure on the photographer – missing a shot simply isn’t an option.

While wedding photography is probably the most stressful challenge a photographer can face, it is also one of the most rewarding. If you are lucky, it may even result in a profitable and pleasant career.

If you have been inspired to photograph someone’s big day, or if you have in mind attaining some experience with an eye to making it your profession, follow these suggestions to be sure that everything goes as easily and stress-free as is feasible.


Wedding photography can be quite demanding and plenty of hard work. An important thing to decide is whether you really want the responsibility. If you were asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, keep in mind that it’s possible to refuse.

It’s advisable to gain some experience prior to going it alone as a wedding photographer in Dubai – find out if there’s a local photographer who’ll allow you to tag along and notice; just be sure you stay well out of their way, and don’t anticipate getting paid. You’ll then be much better prepared with regards to your first solo shoot.


Weddings are extremely hectic and busy, so getting yourself ready for your shoot in advance is important. Start by getting an itinerary of the day so you understand specifically in which you need to be and when. Visit the locations (church, reception hall etc) prior to the big day so you understand how to make it happen and how to get around.

This is the time to start scoping out good photo opportunities. If feasible, have a couple of friends to pose for some test photos, or better still go ahead and take a wedding couple so that you can discuss the things they like and don’t like.


Take a seat with the wedding couple and create a list of all the photos they are anticipating in the final album – anything from the group family photo to the snapshots of Auntie Marj. Even though it could be a tiresome process, right then and there this list will be your saviour, allowing you to remain focused among the busyness.

Bride and two bridesmaids

A short list will help you stay calm, and ensure you don’t miss any crucial photos. Image by Jonathan Day.


A great idea is to put throw away digital cameras on all the tables at the wedding reception meal so the guests may take their own snapshots of the day. This can supply you with a whole bunch of photos for no effort on your part, that can be used to go with your more professional shots, or even used to produce a separate album altogether. You could also find that the guests feel much more comfortable being photographed by their own friends and family, particularly after a few glasses of wine!


You might want to pack a couple of different lenses for the wedding day – a wide angle lens for interiors and group shots, and a longer lens for candid shots and portraits.Better still than using two lenses is to use two cameras, saving your valuable time changing lenses and lowering the chances of you dropping a lens.


The worst stuff that can occur when photographing a wedding ceremony is not having enough power or memory card space (or film). Are you able to imagine asking the vicar if he wouldn’t mind postponing the ceremony for half an hour while you recharge your batteries? No, neither can I!

Take no less than two batteries (fully charged) and enough blank memory cards – you’ll be taking lots of photos and you won’t have time to delete unwanted shots on the day.

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