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The Truth About Crystal Perfume Bottles

In addition to being a source of exhilarating fragrances, perfume evokes many wonderful memories. The modern perfumeries started mass marketing the perfume before the 1950s. It was an exclusive product that only the rich could afford. The demand increased over time for beautiful perfume bottles as well. These bottles have intricate shapes and stunning designer stops.

They are truly works of artwork – more about the author!

Glass Perfume Bottles started to rise in demand as crystals were becoming more popular. The bottles are available in a variety of styles, including antique crystal vials and brilliant presentations. These bottles have a cultural as well as artistic meaning in the 21st century. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. From hand-painted to embellished, they are admired by collectors.

History of Perfume Bottles

Progress in organic chemistry allowed for the invention of the perfume bottle during the 19th Century. Crystal perfume bottles were used and many featured floral designs. Many of these perfumes came with long wands that could be applied to the neck and wrist. As the sprayers became more popular, they introduced atomizers. Around the world, manufacturers began producing empty bottles that women could use to store their favorite fragrance.

After the end of World War II, perfumes were brought home by soldiers. As a result, sales increased and companies were forced to partner with designers to develop new packaging. Hollywood also had a major impact on the packaging, as its glamour and flash inspired eye-catching urban design.

Further, rock n’ roll bands and the modern art movement boosted the workmanship, which resulted in highly decorative toppers, like flowers, fruits, or hats.

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