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The Perfect Gift Idea Formula

What is the ideal gift idea for everyone regardless of age – continue reading? I’ve always believed that the main method for determining the most effective gift suggestions is unchanged: consideration of the person receiving it first. The gift the gift itself is second.

This basic principle implies, basically, that the notion of an ideal present could be thought of as universal. There’s not a standard “perfect” gift for any person who fits a certain persona, description, or a particular demographic. Any gift that’s considered the best is just as individual as the person who received it and the purpose to which it was given.

In order to illustrate this, think of Christmas gift ideas to give to your partner. It is likely that you will browse an online gift registry that provides Christmas gift ideas and gifts to give your spouse. This process of reducing the number of gifts to one or two can be the foundation for this model. It is then your turn to purchase an item that you believe would provide the most value to the recipient. This technique limits your search. This limits the options your have in mind to a particular time or season. Be sure you get the perfect present and not only because it’s an occasion.

An Easier Way

Is it wrong to search to find great ideas for gifting in the same way? It’s not. What if there was an easier and more smooth method of displaying the depth of thought and reflection you’ve put into your gift-giving gesture? Sure, it is.

An item can be perfect if the present serves the purpose it was intended for. Let this idea be taken one step higher. Gifts are given for different reasons by people. A majority of the reasons are practically laced with self-serving motives. The majority of people buy items to help meet an individual’s requirements. The most thoughtful or noble gift that you can offer can be one that fulfills the desires of the receiver.

Everyone has their wants and needs. The gifts which satisfy a certain need are the ones are the ones that count most (and that people remember fondly). Everyone can live without getting what one wants. Imagine yourself as a recipient of a special gift. What would you tell the person giving it “You really love me and cherish me; you were there for me when I was in moment of need”?

Taking the recipient’s need as your foremost consideration in deciding what gift to give lifts the quality of your gift higher than routine or superficial, unthoughtful, and meaningless giving. In order to develop a loving and more genuinely human way to present the ideal present to those you love consider the need-based method.

The Liberating Formul

In order to be concise I’ve condensed it into a formulaic fill-in-the-blanks statement that goes like this:

“My gift’s receiver needs help with _____________________. I’ll be able to assist the person by gifting him or her the following gift: ____________. “

The formula can be a liberating formula, because:

It frees you from the restrictions of holiday-themed giving;

Free yourself from the restrictions of popular-based gift ideas

You have the option to design a present that is more unique, meaningful and useful.

It will help you find ideas for gifts that meet an need (i.e. for the recipient’s), for which the receiver will hopefully be grateful;

frees you from the time-consuming and ad-hoc process of figuring out gifts to give because at the beginning you have an understanding about the exact purpose of the item will be given; and

You are freed from the belief that gifts are always physical, material, or tangible. Some gifts are not easily accessible. The best gifts are often not tangible: a present, timing, assurance or love through an appreciation note.

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