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The History of Flags and Flagpoles: Ancient Civilizations to American Independence

Many people are unaware that flags were used in the United States before it was free. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Rome used flags to indicate military formations, and symbolise various tribes or families. Continue reading?

Flags were still used in military contexts for many centuries, but they eventually became national symbols. Betsy Ross, a famous designer, designed the first American Flag in 1776. It included 13 stripes to represent the 13 original colonies, and 13 stars to represent the newly formed country. This design would influence many other flags in the future, such as the state flags of today.

But what about flagpoles? A simple and useful creation, flagpoles are actually a complex and fascinating invention with a long and interesting history. In the past, flagpoles were made of wood or bamboo. They were often decorated with designs or engraved.

Flagpoles began to be more frequently used for patriotic and ornamental purposes after the United States gained its independence. Iron flagpoles were popularized in the 1800s due to their durability and strength. They were used in parks, government buildings and other public areas to display large flags.

As technology advanced, flagpoles became more and more impressive. In the late 1800s, steel flagpoles were introduced with a maximum height of 400 feet. The enormous poles used to hoist huge flags became a symbol of American patriotism and innovation.

In many situations, flags can be seen atop flagpoles. They are still a very important part of American culture. From small residential flagpoles to large corporate flagpoles, there is a size and price to fit every need.

Next time you are watching a large flag flying and observing the wind, take a moment to appreciate its rich history and heritage. Since the beginning of civilization, flags are symbols of inspiration and nationalism.

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