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The Complete Guide to Mattress Steam Cleaning

You’ve visited the comprehensive guide on steam cleaning mattresses by carpet cleaning Northern Beach. You spend a third of your time in bed, just like the majority of people. Did you know dust mites and bacteria can cause skin irritations and breathing problems, as well as other health issues, if they live on your mattress, continue reading?

Steam cleaning can be an environmentally-friendly way to sanitize your mattress and make it fresh. This will leave it healthy and clean for a good night’s rest. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and follow along as we steam clean your mattress.

First, vacuum your bed.

Before steam cleaning your bed, remove any loose dirt, hair, or grime. Vacuum the entire surface of the bed using the upholstery attachment. Pay special attention to seams, edges, and cracks.

Remove odors, stains and other contaminants

Use baking soda or water to pre-treat stains or smells on your mattress. After letting the cleaning solution rest for 10 to15 minutes, wipe the affected area clean with a soft cloth.

Steam your mattress.

Steam cleaning your mattress is urgent. After filling your steam cleaner with water and plugging it in, you will have to wait a few moments for the machine to heat up. Once the steam cleaner has heated up, pass the device over the surface of the mattress, starting at the top.

Move the steam cleaner evenly and gently to allow the steam to penetrate the fabric and kill bacteria. Pay special attention to corners and edges, as they tend to collect more dust and dirt mites.

4. Let it dry.

After steam cleaning, let your mattress dry completely before changing any covers or sheets. Use a fan to speed up the drying process or open the window for fresh air.

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