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The Combination Oven

The combi oven is considered to be the most versatile piece equipment in today’s commercial kitchen – read more. The combi-oven has evolved over the past 30 years from simple manual models with three cooking modes – convection, steam, and a combination thereof – to multiprogramme ovens that use cutting-edge technology such as the Electrolux Touchline Steam ovens and Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Center.


The advantages of the combi oven cannot be denied. The combination ovens are versatile and powerful, and they can perform multiple cooking processes like roasting, poaching and grilling. They also steam, steam and bake with great results. The latest combi-ovens reduce shrinkage and save energy which leads to huge savings for operators. Andy Bridgeman (Sales Director at Akro Limited) says combi-ovens have huge benefits due to their versatility. They can be used in many roles, from baking bread and roasting chickens. They are able to handle complete menus for caterers, no matter if you have 30 people or a large facility that can accommodate thousands of guests.

Combination Ovens

Today’s chefs/caterers have many options when choosing an oven. There is a lot of choice, but there are two main manufacturers that stand out. They are Rational UK and Electric Professional. The choice of the right oven is crucial as it is an investment. It should reflect your needs. Choose a top-rated brand if you want perfect cooking results that can be saved and used to create stored menus. A basic convection oven is not the best choice. Both companies offer a variety of ovens that are both manual- and programmable to meet the requirements of all types of operations, including large scale banqueting with a chill system and smaller restaurants that can take advantage of its multifunctionality.

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