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The Best Storage Company for You: Safety and Insurance

Most people look at the security level more than they do the price when looking for self-storage. To ensure that your items are kept in a safe storage, you should check the unit’s services and security. Before choosing a self storage unit, most customers don’t ask about the security and insurance. Although many US and Canadian self-storage locations claim that they are secure, there is often inadequate security – read here.

Here is a list of tips to choose the right storage facility.

1. You should always choose a facility that offers video surveillance around the clock (and anywhere). The storage facility should always be under video surveillance. Cameras deter crime. Use only real cameras. Fake cameras are sometimes used to monitor for intruders. The storage unit cameras should be placed strategically, and they must continuously record. Key areas are the entrance and exit gate.

2. Alarms are only used at main entrances or in offices. Too little. An alarm for every unit is necessary to protect it from burglaries. Each storage unit should have its own alarm to increase security and give the tenant more assurance.

3. Make sure that the location is right. Location! Location! Location! Location! Always choose a self-storage facility which is conveniently located, easy to access, and with low crime. Google Maps is also a great tool for finding self storage in USA or Canada. Online, you can verify that the storage facility is easily accessible and secure. Google the phrase “Storage companies Milford MA”, to find nearby storage units. You can check out their quality by visiting the area.

4. It is worth purchasing insurance from your facility if it offers one. Our goods are insured by the storage providers. Most of the time, this assumption is incorrect. Many facilities have comprehensive insurance coverage for any losses or damages due to water damage, theft. The full protection of your goods will give you peace-of-mind in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

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