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Landscape Design – The Principles and Elements of Landscaping

Introduction to Landscape Design

The Definition of landscaping nj

Change the contours of an area, add ornamental features, or plant trees and shrubs to improve its aesthetic appearance.

“The site was tastefully landscaped”

What is Landscape Design?

It is not something to be scared of when it comes to landscape design. With a little bit more research and the desire for beautiful results, you can create a beautiful garden or landscape.

A potential Landscape Designer must be aware of the fact that your backyard will always be changing. The plants and environment change throughout the seasons, and how you and your family use the space. Through the experience you will grow as a landscaper and person. Your landscaping ideas and designs will be able to improve dramatically as a result.

No matter how you Landscape your garden, the most important thing is to love it. You will create a space that is beautiful, functional, and that will work for you.

What are the Landscaping Elements and How Do They Work?

The first step of any design process is to set the ‘Elements’ for your Landscaping Space. Naturally, this will change for each project due to the size of your space, ground level, soil conditions and what is already in place.

Landscapers need to plan their space, and then place any fixed elements around the area. a manhole cover). It is worth making a rough map of your area. This doesn’t need to be complicated but it will help you visualize your landscaping ideas and make it easy to follow.

Once you have your basic plan in place (make sure you print several copies), you can begin to organize hardscape materials. The features are hardscape and plants.

A feature is anything that can physically be described using the visual qualities of:

Line – Form-Color – Texture-visual weight

These are the Elements of Landscaping Design.

What are the Landscaping Principles

The principles of Landscaping refer to the rules that guide us in how we arrange and organise features to create beautiful landscapes.

Understanding the Elements & Principles of Landscaping Design will be the basis of all landscaping Design. You just need to start thinking about your ideas and create the landscape you desire.

Don’t be intimidated if landscape design is new to you. Use your imagination and create your vision. Then, you can start to work on the details.