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Stock Trading Academy is a training center that offers notes, videos, and courses for professional equity, futures, commodity, forex, energy, investor, and futures traders. Online Stock Trading also forms part of our training and courses. Futures Trading. Commodities Trading. Forex Trading Power Trading.

We are a trading company formed by experienced traders that have worked at companies like Merrill Lynch Barclay’s and an energy trading fund located in Houston. The traders that work for us have also been extremely successful. Each day we use trading techniques and methods that have been proven successful find more.

Your trading idea will be executed with help from the company. The decision to carry out your own market analysis is entirely up to you.


1. You must follow rules accurately.

2. It is important to be able to filter and absorb information quickly.

3. We are only successful if our traders communicate well.

4. Be patient


1. Each trader’s understanding is determined by the manager.

2. Trading professionals who can meet the above requirements will be able to earn more than $125k their first year.

What you will Learn from This Course

Discover how you can increase your trading profitability by up to 100 percent within a single day.

What is the best way to set your trading objectives, exits and entries?

Some of the best traders reveal their trade secrets.

Secret techniques for managing your trades can maximize the profits you make.

With our simple 1-2-1 system, you can eliminate virtually any market quickly.

There are some tactics professionals use that few people know about.

Try out our trading techniques and see how they work for yourself. You will have a trading partner with you at all times during the market. The traders will guide you to making successful trades. You will know before trading if you made the right decision. These factors are the reason why our traders have had success. At any time you can access our knowledge. Join us during mark hours and trade real for several hours.