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Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Carpets are a very popular flooring choice for homes. They are warm and soft, and make you feel like you’re at home. This feeling is centered around clean carpets. Vacuuming carpets every other day is not enough. Carpets can be used for a lot of things in your home, so carpet cleaning north shore is the best way. Carpet cleaning offers many benefits. Not the least is the wonderful feeling you get when you walk barefoot on newly cleaned carpets. Call today for a professional carpet cleaning consultation. Let the experts show how you can bring back the beauty of your home with clean carpets.

It is often believed that professional carpet cleaning uses toxic chemicals. Modern carpet cleaning techniques, including hot water extraction, use water heated to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to clean and remove dirt and other particles. The hot water is pressurized to loosen stains, dirt, and other mites. This is then vacuumed up using industrial vacuuming equipment. Hot water extraction does not contain soap and is safe for all carpets. It is also safe for pets, children and the environment. No residue is left behind, so your carpets will feel clean and fresh. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is safe and effective for all types of carpets. Modern carpet cleaning methods won’t harm the delicate fibers in your carpets, and can actually make them look longer lasting.

Professional carpet cleaning has one of the greatest benefits: it lowers your home’s allergen levels. Carpet collects pieces and bits that fall from the windows. Because it traps particles inside its fibers, carpet is almost like a filter. Pets and children can be allergic to some of the harmful particles that carpet contains. Vacuuming can bring these particles to the carpet without actually removing them. This can lead to irritations and flare-ups. Carpet cleaning professionals thoroughly eliminate all these particles so you can feel confident letting your kids play on the floor.

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