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Storage Tips For Electronics Within A Self Storage Unit

Electronics are all around us in our digital world. We use it every day. We use them not only for fun, but in our daily work. You can use a 55 inch Plasma TV or desktop computer, stereo surround sound system, etc. It is important to take all the steps necessary to ensure that your electronic devices remain in great condition. These 10 storage ideas will keep your electronics in good condition.

1. Clean your electronics first to reduce the risk of premature wear.

2. Separate detachable cables from devices. This helps to prevent strain on wires during storage.

Grouping wires by appliance can help you organize them. Spiral wrap is then applied. Bind every coil with zip ties twice or more to stop them unraveling. You can easily identify the wire group by using a visible permanent marker to mark each area of tape. Lastly, put all appliance wiring into one box. It will make it easier to find the location of wiring for appliances, click here.

4. To wrap electronics, use cotton sheets and towel. Plastic is not recommended to wrap electronics as this can cause mold and moisture to accumulate.

5. To avoid electronic items shifting or becoming damaged in transit, fill any empty space with packing peanuts and/or newspaper.

6. Removing batteries from all electronic equipment that uses them will protect your electronics against damage due to battery acid. You will be protecting your electronics against damage caused by acidic batteries.

7. Prior to storing any media, such as tapes or CDs, you should remove them. Backup all removable media such as disks, tapes, and other internal storage devices before storing.

8. You can protect electronic devices with glass, like monitors or copy machines, by placing a sheet of foam on the surface. These items can be protected with cardboard or Styrofoam.

9. Boxes with heavier items should be placed at the bottom, while those with lighter items and/or fragile materials can be placed on top. It will prevent your electronic items from being damaged by boxes falling.

10. Label each box. You can identify your electronic items easily if you need to take them out of storage.

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