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Spa Gift Baskets – Mothers Day Gifts Mom will appreciate

Mother’s Day is coming up on the 9th of May, which falls on a Sunday. If you’re wondering what to get for mother to express your gratitude Send the gift of a spa basket and it’s a well-loved gift for Mothers Day, go here!

Spa gift baskets come with bath and body lotions, bath crystals, cream for the body, moisturizing lotion Aromatherapy candles, a bathroom towel, drawer sacher along with slippers, a massager made of wood. A few baskets may include a books, a bath pillow or soft music CD as well as picture frames. Though some spa baskets could comprise cookies, chocolates or truffles in order to increase their value however, they’re generally non-food things. The purpose of giving mom a gift is offer her the luxury of relaxing from the comfort of her home.

Spa baskets offer relaxation and rejuvenation not only because of the refreshing scent of spa items such as the wooden massager or the soft music CD it might come with, as well as because the body moisturizers soap, candles for aromatherapy and potpourri which come along with the gift could be infused with essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy refers to the application of essential oils from plants that can be used to enhance an individual’s physical as well as mental overall health. Each essential oil contains its unique active ingredient, that define its usage. Sweet orange oil for example, is extracted from its peel. It contains 90 percent of limonene. It is a chemical which is found naturally in citrus fruit. Fresh scents of sweet orange oil is believed to calm, provide emotional balance and bring its consumers a positive outlook. Lavender essential oil is also derived from lavender flowers. Lavender oil has the organic alcohol linalol, ketones, esters, and aldehydes. Linalol is antiseptic and aids in healing the skin, reducing irritations such as cuts, wounds, acne. Also, lavender oil can be used to alleviate anxiety and depression as it can help regulate mood. A majority of people also find its sweet and soothing scent appealing.

Although essential oils have been used for aromatherapy for quite a while, it is not entirely evident how they function. Some experts believe when we breath in the scent of essential oil, for example, lavender oil, the molecules of the oil can increase the brain cells in the limbic part that regulates the flow of emotions and memories. The beneficial effects of essential oils may be felt through bathing lotions or soaps.

As spa products provide a sense of relaxation and healing, they make an ideal gift for your mother. Another reason why they may be a better option over other presents is because they’re mostly not food-related gifts. Spa gift baskets which don’t have any sugary treats are great for moms who have a low-carb diet or can’t take in a lot of sugar.

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