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Select Your Microwave Oven

Every kitchen needs a microwave. This makes food preparation easier and faster, and also helps to maintain the flavor and quality. These are some of the types available: read this?

Counter top

* Convection

* Combined

* Commercial

* Built-in

Counter top : This is an oven with a very simple design that’s easy to use and is relatively inexpensive compared to other electronics. It takes up more space than other food heaters in your kitchen. The oven is also very convenient and easy to operate. The simple instructions and manual make it easy for anyone to use. The only thing you need to do is plug the device into the socket in the wall, and then read the instructions. The main use of this device is to heat food and do simple cooking, like making jam, pastes or cookies.

Convection This product is the combination of microwave technology and heat-energy process. This product is both used to grill and cook food. A fan is used to release the steam that’s produced when the heat energy processing takes place. It is much more expensive than similar electronic items because this product cooks the food faster.

Combination . This oven is the combination of conventional and convection (counter top). It is possible to switch from convection mode to conventional mode. This means that you can choose to cook or bake in a single oven.

commercial is mainly used in offices, employee canteens and colleges. It is more spacious and can be used for large quantities of cooking. It is a microwave that heats up food in no time and keeps the nutrition.

This feature is built-in and it’s similar to a countertop. Only difference is it takes up less space and will fit into smaller kitchens. It is installed perfectly and safely out of reach of small children.

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