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Plastic Surgery is Not What It Seems

Ancient history is a rich source of information about plastic surgery. Ancient Indian doctors used human skin patches to repair skin grafts for the first time in the eighth BC, check this out.

Susrutha’s Indian doctor made the world’s first-ever nose. He removed a small piece of skin or even a few from his forehead. Old Indian laws made it illegal to amputation the nose.

Romans have been using simple surgical procedures for centuries to treat damaged ears. Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt from Europe did a very easy procedure. The skin was removed and then stitched back in.

However, cosmetic surgery was not developed until the twentieth century. It was because plastic surgery in older times used to be very risky.

John Peter Mettauer is the first American to be a plastic surgeon. He was born in 1827. His first operation in 1827 was to repair a cleft palatum. He developed his own surgical materials and equipment.

Sir Harold Gillies – the pioneer of modern plastic surgery – is an individual who truly deserves this title. Sir Gillies created many new techniques for plastic surgery during his life. Sir Gillies devoted his efforts to the treatment of patients suffering facial injuries from World War I.

What is plastic surgery?

All manual and mechanical treatments or operations, performed either for aesthetics (aesthetic surgery) or functionality (“functional plastic surgery”) are included in the definition of “plastic surgeries”.

The Greek term for plastic is ‘plastikos.’ It means to mold or form.

In plastic surgery, today there are just two branches or primary areas of specialization or fields. Plastic surgery includes the following:

Plastic surgery to reconstruct. This kind of plastic surgery can be used to hide or repair external damage such as a scar on the skin. This type of plastic surgery is used to repair defects by using flaps that are local, distant and regional. This method involves the transfer of tissues to new parts from other areas of the skin.

The two types of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery that are most commonly performed today in plastic surgery centers are Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery is usually performed to alter or improve unflattering features of the body or face. These plastic surgeries include breast reduction, implantation of breasts or a lift.

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