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More Information on Carpet Shedding

If you’ve recently put down a new rug in your house, it’s possible that shedding has become apparent. Shedding occurs when loose fibers from the carpet fall and appear on the surface web site. This gives the impression that the rug has shed. While shedding can be expected with new carpets it can cause frustration for homeowners. Carpet cleaners in North Shore will explain how to stop carpet shedding.

You must understand that the initial shedding of carpets is part of their life cycle. When a new rug is first installed, it might have a few loose threads because the fibers must be firmly secured through out the entire manufacturing process. These stray fibres will eventually rise up and be shed.

What can I do to stop it? Good news! Shedding is often short-lived and will stop once the loose fibers fall out over time. You can, however, do some things to keep your carpets attractive and reduce the amount of shedding.

Vacuuming carpets regularly should be one of your top priorities. Vacuuming prevents fibers from adhering to the surface by removing stray ones. A high-quality vacuum that has a beater or brush roller should also agitate fibres and eliminate dirt and other debris.

Avoid harsh chemicals in your carpets to reduce shedding. Instead of harsh chemicals, it’s best to use mild and environmentally friendly cleaners.

A professional carpet cleaning can be recommended if your pet continues to shed after several months. Carpet Cleaning North Shore can handle any shedding issue. Our carpet cleaning service will give them a new look, as well as removing any loose fibres.

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