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Learn how to make money online – 4 free ways

Money is scarce as the cost of living keeps rising. The majority of your earnings, after working 40 hours a week, go towards paying for necessities bills. The rest goes to savings for a rainy-day. Read this!

There’s always a desire to have a little luxury. There are many ways to earn money online that will help you stretch your monthly budget. Learn how to make money online by reading this article. We’ve provided 6 free resources for earning a part-time or full-time income.

1. Create a blog or website

Affiliate marketing is an option. Your website or blog can be set up around a specific niche. You can upload original, fresh content. It can be promoted on social media.

You can make money once you have a loyal readership. You can rent advertising space, write paid reviews and publish paid content. You can start by using a variety of free platforms.

2. Stock photography –

Passionate photographers can make their hobby a profitable business. The photos you take online can be sold. Photographs that are easily accessible to designers, advertisers and business groups are sought after by all parties.

Fotolia and iStockphoto are a few stock photography websites where you can display your work. You only need to register and upload your photos. Each photograph that is sold on the site can earn you a commission.

3. Copywriting, translations and writing

Without mentioning writing, translation, and copywriting services, our list of ways to make money online wouldn’t be complete. You can be paid by website owners or companies to create SEO (Search Engine Optimized). It is important that you are able to create search engine-targeted, grammatically correct, coherent articles. Fiverr, Elance and iWriter allow you to offer writing or copywriting gigs.

Translating documents can be a lucrative career if you are a natural translator and have the ability to speak any language.

4. Tutoring –

Are you an expert in a specific field? In return for a fee, you can offer your expertise to students. How do you begin? Register with e-tutoring sites. Before you can become a registered teacher, you might need to pass a certification exam.

Online tutoring is a way to help students with homework and answer emailed questions. It also allows them to receive one-on-one mentoring. Once you have gained some confidence, you will be able to take your skills to the next level by attending lectures and webinars.

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