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IT Managed Services and IT Consulting Services: What’s the difference?

The IT industry has grown to be a significant one. It is used by companies from different sectors to boost their efficiency and productivity. The IT industry offers a variety of services to cater for the varied needs of enterprise. IT Managed Services Vs IT Consulting Services. Know the Difference. Articles offer IT Consulting Services, Managed Support Services Software Development Services. In order to understand better the differences between IT Managed Services, and IT Consulting Services, let’s examine these two services, read this.

What are IT Managed Services (MSPs)?

IT Managed Services are proactive outsourced services that manage certain aspects of IT support, infrastructure management and IT service for an organisation. Information Technology firms with domain-specific teams are known as Managed Service providers. The model allows clients to keep ownership of their infrastructure and only be responsible for services provided. Both parties sign a contract that defines the entire criteria.

The smaller and medium-sized companies as well as the startups cannot afford to have a dedicated team. It is difficult for them to stay up to date on the latest technology or security threats. Some non-IT workers are required to research IT infrastructure management. The time taken away can cause distractions and interfere with other duties.

Common examples:

System Management
Backup and recovery of data
Storage and Management Information
Network security management and monitoring
Human Resource Management
Support and Maintenance of Software

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services refers to the expert advice companies receive from IT consultants on how best to use technology to meet their business goals. IT advisory and advisory service is also known as technology consultation. Experts offer these services to organisations. There are three main categories of IT consulting firms: Independent consultants, IT firms and companies and staffing firms.

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