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How to talk to your physician about how to support your disability claim

Well, it happened again. What are you referring too? All too often, a treating physician refuses to approve a patient’s request for disability benefits. This often comes as a shock to the patient who believed that the physician was supporting their claim for disability benefits. On disability service providers Melbourne you can learn more.

This problem is something I am acutely aware of because I often have conversations with physicians about the client’s disability case. The client told me that the doctor supports them claim. I am always surprised when the doctor does not support the claim. I am certain the physician’s response “not wanting involvement” is not the same as saying that they don’t support your claim.

In this article I will talk about why it is crucial to have the support your treating physicians and hopefully how you can achieve it.

Tip 1: Supporting a treating physician is often essential to claim approval

Federal law gives the greatest weight the opinions given by treating physicians in a social insurance disability (SSA) claim. If your doctor has ruled that you cannot work, SSA should consider you a strong case. Your claim will likely be denied if you do not have the support of your doctor or they are “silent.” You won’t lose your case. But the mountain you have to climb without support from a physician is much more difficult.

The fact that SSA will give the most weight your treating physician’s opinion is crucial. One of SSA’s doctors, who may have only looked at your records, will almost always conclude that it is possible to work. Federal law requires SSA to or a judge to give more weight your doctor’s opinion if confronted with divergent opinions. If your physician has indicated to SSA that they are unable for work, SSA will accept this opinion and authorize your claim.

Your doctor may not be willing to support your claim or will not sign a form if they are not interested in the disability case. Why? Because SSA may have a opinion in your file from a doctor that you can work. SSA will not use your physician’s opinion without it. to deny your claim.

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