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How to make Craigslist posts stand out (in an effective way)

Whether you are listing an apartment for rent, a product, or a service on Craigslist you must make it stand out. Craigslist is gaining popularity as more Americans use it to rent apartments and sell products and services. There is plenty of competition on Craigslist so you have to make your listings stand out. What can you do to make your postings stand out? You can see Craigslist Posting Services for more information.

Your headline should not be in all uppercase and lowercase letters. When listing on Craigslist, sellers often make two mistakes. The first is to write their entire title in uppercase or lowercase. Both are unacceptable. Imagine that you are writing a title. You can use an example such as “2-Bedroom Apartment in St. Louis With Private Parking – $800 a month,” to illustrate the format. This format is straightforward to follow.

Your main description should not contain too many words and paragraphs. To describe a product, service or other item that you wish to sell on Craigslist you will need to use the description section. If you have an apartment for rent, you will probably start by describing it and not stop until your description is complete. You may end up with long paragraphs or long sentences. These sentences are hard to read. Begin by summarizing the apartment. Your headline should be rewritten. You can then go into more detail about the apartment, product, and/or service. Use bullet points instead of traditional paragraphs. It’s easier to understand.

Include pictures. has a surprising number of listings that don’t contain pictures. This can be a problem for buyers. You should not post pictures if you’re selling a specific service such as freelance writing or babysitting. Photos are essential for listing an apartment for sale or a product. This alone will set your listing apart from all the rest.

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