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How to Install Hardwood Flooring

Before you begin your hardwood floor project, lay sub-flooring. Sub-flooring can make your floor more durable and smoother. You can sub-floor floors from different manufacturers. For details on which type of subflooring you need, please refer to the instructions. The instructions and tool list included with your hardwood flooring are provided to assist you in getting started – important link!

You will need to cut the subflooring to fit on to the floor. The thickness of the sub-flooring material should be between one-quarter and three quarters inch. This will ensure that hardwood floors can be supported. The sub-flooring serves as an extra layer of insulation as well as an underlayment. Joint compound can be used to flatten the floor. Before you begin, ensure that the floor has dried completely. Before you start to lay hardwood flooring, check the subflooring.

For the first step, you will need a hammer, spacers, pull tools, a level, pull instrument, a tap block and tapping tool. These tools can be used for cutting flooring to length, attaching boards, and closing gaps between boards. The chalk line is used to mark the area you wish to cover.

Installing hardwood flooring

The most important part of laying hardwood flooring is the first three rows. Use an “L” square and a level to check for straightness. Straps and clamps are good ways to keep everything together. A tapping block along with a hammer is required to ensure that the tongue and groove joints fit securely together. The block should be placed at the edge of your flooring. Next, use your hammer to lightly tap the block. Do not force items that aren’t compatible.

Apply glue to the joints’ edges to stabilize them. Make sure you only use enough glue. Overgluing can lead to glue sticking to joints and damage to the flooring’s finish. Be sure to inspect the board you are attaching any piece of wood before glueing.

As the project draws to a close, you will no longer have room for tapping blocks or hammers. Instead, the pulling iron will be used to position the flooring. It is not recommended to lay down pre-finished flooring. You can avoid scratching the floor by using a soft rag.

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