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How To Choose The Best Chef Knives On The Internet

As it has been said many times before, you should go to the store to see what knives are available for you kitchen. Perhaps you have a last-minute holiday dinner and can’t afford a chef knife. Maybe you’re too far from a store to make the effort. Or perhaps you aren’t looking forward dealing with a salesperson. It’s okay, it’s normal. 

These are some ideas if you are looking to buy a chef’s knife online, click for source.

1. Look at the knife’s image and note the handle. Does the knife feel sturdy? Pay attention to sharp edges. These sharp edges can cause cuts and calluses. If you’re unable to determine which part will hurt, or you accidentally get the wrong knife with uncomfortable corners, you can sand these down later. You can wrap the knife’s edge with thick cardboard or cloth and then lock it in a sanding bag. It might not look great, but it won’t be cut on your hands.

2. It’s time to get the numbers right. Get the weight of your knife. How heavy do you want the knife to weigh? This is your personal preference. While a lighter knife isn’t always the best option for smaller hands, it’s the most common choice for arthritis-prone hands. You might have several kitchen knives or large steak knives. Now you need to place them in your hands. Cut up cucumbers or mushrooms and decide how heavy you would like to use them. A heavy knife should weigh in at least one pound. A lighter knife should weigh in at half of a pound. Even if the location is not known, it will be difficult to determine the weight of your knife. Japanese knives are much lighter than German knives.

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