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Flagpoles are available for commercial and residential use

Amman, Jordan has the highest supported flagpole. This massive pole of carbon steel weighs in at 190,00,000. It stands 416 feet tall. This huge flagpole requires a foundation that can support it. It can weigh up to 600 tons. The foundation is secured to the ground by 36 carbon-steel bolts. The flag is attached to the foundation and can withstand winds speeds of up to ninety miles per hour. It was a two-year process of design and construction, which required find this the cooperation of many large corporations.

Your flagpole project will not be as complex, but the engineering concepts are the same.

The flag size and height must be determined first. The flag’s length should not exceed 25-40% of its height.

A commercial flagpole usually stands between 30 and 35 feet high. If you want to make a bold statement, you can choose to go shorter if your goal is to decorate your front lawn. If you have a one- or two-story home, the range for a residential flagpole is typically 20-25 feet.

The second decision is the material from which the pole should be constructed. Flagpoles made from aluminum or fiberglass are the most durable. These flagpoles are also available as bronze and carbon-steel versions. Wood is beautiful but not the strongest. Wallmounted flags work well. Fiberglass and bronze are available in nearly any color. For larger flagpoles stainless steel and carbon are usually reserved.

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