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Five Minute Meals

* Do you have any children?

* Do they like to eat?

* Aren’t you bored of cooking? click here.

If you have answered yes (or all) to these questions, then you will need 5 minute meals.

You can cook 5 minute meals, which are quick meals that you can put together quickly. You may not be able to make them all in 5 minutes, as you can’t do it with frozen pizzas. But they are super quick and easy.

(Here is my personal definition for a 5-minute meal: it’s all in the assembly. I don’t count the time I spend letting something cook in the cooker over night. The food assembly time is what I count because it really counts when you’re occupied.

You want to increase nutrition in the meals you prepare for your family? Five minute meals can be made healthier in no time.

So what’s up? There is no catch. But there are simple secrets you can use to make 5-minute meals that work for your busy schedule.

Start by looking in the bottled-sauce and dressing aisles at your grocery store. These are five-minute meals waiting for you! Pick your favorite flavors. Try new foods. Choose low-fat, or nonfat varieties to reduce calories and fat.

Consider adding cooked meats to these five-minute meals. You can purchase precooked chicken. Or, you could buy hamburgers or chicken parts. I prefer skinless, boneless chicken breasts. This will make it easy to save time in the kitchen.

Precooking your meat will make it quick and easy to whip up 5-minute meals. Grab a precooked packet of meat from your freezer and heat it up with a favorite sauce. If you have a bag of frozen vegetable that would be suitable for your recipe, then add it to the pot. You might need more sauces depending on how much food is being prepared. Premade salads are another option.

For more ways to create quick and easy meals, check out the author’s resources box at the end.

After you’ve decided which flavors and 5-minute meals you enjoy the most, make a list of these quick meals to keep in your pantry. The important thing is to keep these ingredients on hand. Remember to keep the ingredients of these favorite sauces in your pantry so that you can replace them on your next grocery trip.

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