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Eco-Friendly Cleaning from North Shore to Everywhere

If you have ever been a landlord, homeowner or someone who just appreciates clean surroundings, it’s likely that you have looked into carpet cleaning options. There’s an eco-friendly trend that is growing in carpet cleaning areas on the north shore. Why should we choose eco-friendly carpet cleaning over more traditional methods? Industry news.

We want to keep our home, and our surroundings as toxic-free possible. Imagine it. Our carpets are used for walking, sitting, playing, eating, etc. Cleaning methods that are conventional often contain chemicals which can be harmful for our health as well as the environment.

It’s not necessary to sacrifice effectiveness when you choose green cleaning for your carpet. We’ll take a short walk on our newly cleaned carpets. through some of these environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

Vinegar and water mix: vinegar isn’t only for salads. Simple solution made of white vinegar, water and equal amounts can remove mild stains. This solution is natural and safe for carpet types. It also works well to remove light stains. Also, there are no nasty chemicals to leave a weird smell behind. Remember to always test on a small and inconspicuous spot first.

Baking Soda for Odor Removal: Got pets? There are probably odors in the carpets of your home. Spread baking soda generously on the problem area. Let it rest overnight and vacuum it. Voila! No more chemical fumes!

Add essential oils to cleaning solutions for a pleasing aroma. To your cleaning solution, add a couple of drops of the essential oil you prefer (like eucalyptus and lavender). Essential oils not only smell amazing, they also fight bacteria!

Cornstarch and Greasy Stains: Do you have a greasy stain on your clothes? Sprinkle some cornstarch on the stain before reaching for a can of cleaner. After a couple of hours, vacuum it up. It’s possible that you will be pleasantly surprised by the power of this household staple.

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