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Drug Risks for Pregnant Women

Risks, complications and other issues are very serious for women who take narcotics. Women only need a tiny amount of drugs to become dependent. Women are often reluctant to seek help to avoid becoming addicted to drugs. Women who abuse drugs can suffer from a variety of nasty effects, including mental disorders like depression and sexually-transmitted diseases.

According to the research, most women who started using drugs had experienced a very challenging life before. In the majority of cases, women who decide to use drugs have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their past. Most of the time, however, it was before age 16. It has also been seen in women who have parents that abuse drugs and alcohol – more about the author.

According to psychiatric research, those with low self-esteem use more substances. Prior to the initial use of alcohol or drugs, an individual can feel helpless. This may lead to further difficulties. Many patients feel alone and isolated. Minority women or those who do not speak English may face difficulties in seeking medical help.

Even more dangerous is the situation for women who are pregnant. Not only is it dangerous to the mother, but it can also be deadly for her child. When alcohol and drugs are taken during pregnancy it can lead to serious health issues. The mother-child relationship is very close, so if she abuses substances the odds of her unborn child being harmed by it also increase. Unborn babies are at risk from a variety of factors. For instance, they may be affected by HIV if the mother gets it, AIDS or a low birthweight, or could die even while in their mother’s womb. Drug abuse can lead to malnutrition, as well as neglect.

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