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Differences Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgeons

Patients are confused by the thin line that separates cosmetic surgery from plastic surgery recommended site. If you’re planning to have any of these surgeries, it’s important to know their differences. Many people are under the impression that cosmetic and plastic surgery is the same. There is a huge difference in training,GuestPosting experience, expertise, and credentials between both. Credentials are important and patients need to know this. It is important to distinguish between plastic and cosmetic surgery.

*Plastic vs cosmetic surgery: Many specialized fields fall under plastic surgery such as reconstructive surgical procedures which include the reconstruction of any affected body part due to accident, burns or birth defects. Plastic surgery includes cosmetic surgeries, which involves reshaping of normal tissues in order to improve appearance.

*Training. After medical school, a plastic surgeon will serve as a resident in surgery for 3-5 years. All aspects of surgery are covered. Three years more of plastic surgery training follows. A plastic surgeon requires 6 to eight years of training. A cosmetic surgeon could be from any speciality. The cosmetic surgeon could be a gynecologist. dermatologist. physician. A cosmetic surgeon is one who has received a training of up to 12 months.

*Plastic surgery covers a wide range of procedures. Plastic surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery as well as general and breast reconstruction surgery. Cosmetic surgeons perform Rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, tummy and eyelid surgery as well liposuction.

*Certification – A plastic surgeon is required to be certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. This board can only be recognized by American Board of Medical Specialities. Only ABPS diplomates can call themselves a surgeon. American Board of Cosmetic Surgery certifies a cosmetic surgery specialist, but American Board of Medical Specialities does not recognize that board. Plastic surgeons all have a 6 to 8 year training. They can perform reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery, but cosmetic surgery cannot be performed by reconstructive surgeons.

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