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Avoiding cheap moving companies

Stress can be a major factor in making moving a difficult experience for some people. Many people lose or damage their belongings when they hire a moving company. The wrong mover can cost you money. You will have a bad moving experience. Avoid common mistakes when moving by being aware of them, find out more!

1. The options that you choose are not available

If you select the first company you come across without getting multiple estimates, you are likely to pay more than you should. You cannot determine the real cost of moving unless you talk to several companies. Compare prices to get cheap moving services.

2. Call for Quotes

A phone quote is not accurate. Reputable moving services will perform a physical inspection to identify the items that need to be moved in order for them provide you with an accurate quote. Quotes received over the phone will likely cost more.

3. Unrealistic low quotes

If the company offers you an extremely low quote, be wary. Don’t settle for a low-quality product just because it is cheaper. By knowing what’s included in the price, you can avoid scams.

4. Boxes of low-quality

A high quality of packing materials is important, regardless if you are moving yourself or hiring movers. You can easily damage your possessions by using cheap or outdated boxes to try to save some money. It is essential to use only high-quality packaging materials for the best results.

5. You should avoid moving during peak season

Moving companies are busy during certain seasons such as summer. Now is not the best time to move if you are looking for great deals. When are the best deals on moving companies? If you plan to move in the summer, book your movers early.

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