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Are You Ready to Give your Foundation a Lift?

Melbourne’s bustling streets may captivate you with its diverse arts scene, delicious eateries and historical architecture. Under the vibrant surface of Melbourne, another tale is unfolding: that of the foundations which keep our buildings stable. We often ignore foundations, but they can sometimes cry out for our attention. You might have wondered: How do you know when it is time to replace the foundations of melbourne buildings, continue reading? Play detective to find the clues.

It’s a mystery why cracks appear on walls and floors. When they become larger or more numerous, the foundation may be sending a warning. And if you spot zig-zagging or diagonal cracks? It’s like a neon flashing sign saying, “Check your foundation!”

Have you ever had windows or doors that were stubborn and refused to shut smoothly? It’s easy to put it down to the humidity or the time when your nephew hit it with a slam, but these are subtle signs of foundation shifting.

It’s not funhouse effect if you feel like your floor is uneven or sloping. It’s possible that your foundation is singing.

The Wall Separation Drama When you notice gaps between walls and floors or that ceilings and walls are pulling away from one another, this is more than an architectural dispute. It could be that the foundation is the cause of all the problems.

A damp basement is a sign of trouble. While Melbourne gets its fair share of rainfall, an always wet or constantly flooded cellar can raise alarms. The foundation may have shifted, causing water to find new pathways.

Chimney Lean Dance – Got a chimney doing a slight (or not so minor) leaning? The foundation may be out of whack. It is not trying to dance to Melbourne’s music.

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