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All You Need To Know About Plumbing

Plumbing industry is vital to any developed economy It is important to have water and a proper way of removing waste. The plumbing system is the collection of pipes, fixtures and equipment installed within an establishment to provide potable water. The plumbing system differs from the sewer system in that it serves a single building, while the sewage system services a town or dozens of buildings.

The Latin term “plumbum”, which means “lead”, was the source for “plumbing”. The term “plumbing”, derived from lead pipes, was the origin of the word. This was a rare industry in the 19th century. The health institutions were also looking for a better method of disposing of waste. Romans, Persians, and Greeks created this system to meet their need for drinking water, drainages, and baths. Romans used lead pipes to prevent water thefts.

The development of plumbing was slow. Only when the Romans discovered lead pipes did progress become visible. In the aftermath of World War II lead was banned because it was believed to contain dangerous chemicals that could have an adverse effect on human health. Since then, copper has been used for the production of pipes. Copper pipes have been declared more reliable and safer than lead pipes. Plumbing fixtures were designed with the user in mind. Some examples include toilets (and baths), urinals (and water fountains), and urinals. To do each job, you will need tools and equipment. Plumbing tools include wrenches, gauges watermeters pumps and more. The use of modern technology makes it easier for plumbers to perform their work. To get accurate information on the water pipes, hydraulic pumps and video cameras are used.

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