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Alcohol Addiction in the 60s: A personal journey

Drug rehabs for women are a unique place in the addiction recovery world where incredible stories of transformation and resilience unfold. Jane is a 60-year-old woman who began a personal journey in order to beat alcoholism. Explore our services.

Jane has been battling alcoholism for over 40 years. The occasional drinking for social reasons gradually turned into a lifetime struggle. It had affected her self-esteem, relationships and health. Jane, as she neared her 60th year, found herself in a difficult situation. She had to make a decision that would affect the rest of her lifetime.

Jane’s journey began when she decided to get help. She entered Renew Wellness & Recovery’s addiction treatment program for women. The decision wasn’t easy, but was courageous. It was never too late for her to take back control and achieve sobriety.

Jane’s recovery journey was not without its challenges but also moments of personal growth and triumph. Renew Wellness & Recovery’s highly individualized therapy schedule played a key role in Jane’s success. Jane was able to explore the root causes of addiction with two individual sessions per week. She was able to heal old emotional wounds using trauma-informed techniques such as expressive and experiential therapy.

Jane’s quest for wellness was made easier by the daily yoga and fitness sessions. She was able to regain her strength physically and adopt a healthier way of life. She learned how to provide her body with healthy meals under the supervision of dieticians. This contributed to her well-being.

Jane’s success in recovery was largely due to the encouragement and support she received both from her staff members and fellow residents of Renew Wellness & Recovery. She found a safe, loving, caring environment where she could find the understanding, empathy and sense of belonging which had long been lacking in her life.

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