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After a Flood, Mold Growth and What To Do About It

The growth of mold is one of your biggest concerns after an flood. The presence of mold can damage the structure and health of your building. Carpet Cleaning North Shore is aware of the threat mold poses and understands how crucial it is that you remediate the mold as soon as possible. We will discuss the hazards of mold growing after flooding. How to recognize its signs and what methods carpet cleaning northshore uses to combat this issue.

What are the dangers of mould?

Moisture and humidity after flooding create the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours. Its spores will spread throughout your home quickly. Carpet Cleaning North Shore understands that mold can cause respiratory issues, allergy symptoms, and many other problems.

Mold infestation signs:

If you want to stop mold from spreading, it is essential that you identify its signs. Carpet Cleaning North Shore has professionals who are able to detect early signs of a mold infestation. These include musty odors and visible mold growth. You should seek help immediately if you observe any of the signs listed above after a flood.

Check for molds thoroughly

Carpet Cleaning North Shore carries out thorough mold assessments to identify and assess hidden mold growth. Our professionals use advanced tools to locate mold, even in difficult-to-reach places like behind walls and under floors. This inspection is comprehensive and ensures all areas affected are addressed properly during the remediation.

Mold Removal:

Carpet Cleaning North Shore’s mold removal process is based on the principles of safety and efficiency. We use industry-approved methods and equipment to remove mold safely, contain it, and stop its growth. Our experts are well-trained to perform mold remediation using personal protective equipment, following strict safety protocol and adhering to industry standards.

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