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A Wood Floor that’s 10 Years Old And A Sander: Can They Be Fitted Together?

One question I am asked repeatedly over the years as a wood flooring specialist is: can my old fitted wooden floors be fine-sanded, refinished and refinished? There are many people who have a floor in their home that has been in place for 6-10years and is tired, ordinary with scratches or blemishes. Many people know they can sand down parquet or flooring boards to get a nice finished surface. But what to do with a fitted wooden floor is a little more complex. This guide will hopefully shed some more light on the issue

It is important to identify the type of floor that you have. If you have a laminate floor that looks like wood, then the only way to fix it is by replacing it. It comes in varying degrees of quality but most often it is a laminate floor covering with a wood print attached to an MDF board or plywood, and a varnish over the top. Sanding it will only remove the print, ruining the flooring. Also, make sure your flooring is not timber effect vinyl. This type of floor has become popular over the past few years for its low-maintenance qualities. Once they start to look dull and worn, you will have to replace it.

It is true that there are two kinds of fitted wood flooring: syntheticed flooring and solid hardwood flooring. But the good news, both of these can be sanded to a fine grit and refurbished so they look just as new as when they were first installed. It is easy to confuse designed timber flooring with laminate due to its similar construction. Engineered wood floors are made of a thin layer of timber (usually between 3-5mm) bonded with either MDF, or plyboard. Due to the way it’s built and because it is all fitted together using tongue and grooves, they also keep a flat surface. It means that if you sand the floor properly, it should only require a millimeter of sanding. This means that you can sand your floor up to 3 times.

The surface of your solid wood floor will resemble that of syntheticed, but the entire flooring will be made of a single piece of timber. The solid wood flooring is more expensive and more difficult to produce, but it will cost you more in the end. I also think that it is less durable than engineered timber because it is more susceptible to warping. However, it can still be sanded many times.

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